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Faith, Hope & Reindeer

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Faith, Hope, & Reindeer

2nd in The Santa Claus Trilogy

It was thought to be a fantasy. A nonexistent place. A childrens fable. But for the Gradys and other families, reality takes a sudden turn. They find themselves not only in place that wasn't supposed to exist, but face to face with Santa, Mary Claus and all the elves of the North Pole.

But not without reason. These intrepid souls, while living exemplary lives, still face personal struggles and setbacks, but Santa knows exactly what will bring joy to them and the lives they touch.

This 2nd book in The Santa Claus Trilogy is about much more than Christmas and Santa Claus. It is about families battling through life and are in need of a booster shot of Faith. It is about each of us who struggle, yet never dare to give up Hope. And of course it is about the goings on at the North Pole, from the elves to the Reindeer.

Return to a time when you knew it was all true and you believed.


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