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Sarah Buttons, Master Doll Maker


Where would Santa be without dolls and action figures? Every year, these are the most requested of all the toys on children's lists! And thanks to Sarah Buttons, Santa never has to worry. Santa's Elf Series© is pleased to bring you the story of Sarah Buttons, our Master Doll Maker.

Sarah is one of our most important elves. She draws, designs and then creates all the dolls, stuffed animals and even soldiers and superheroes for the girls and boys who ask for them each Christmas. Now you can meet Sarah (and maybe see a couple other elves you may recognize)!


Sarah is available now, just click here.


Ford MacHarley, Master Wheelsmith


Cars, trucks, bicycles, tricycles, wagons, scooters...what do they have in common? They all have wheels! And Ford MacHarley is our Master Wheelsmith. So whether Santa needs a remote control car for Jacob or a new bicycle for Emma, he can count on Ford to get what he needs.

Come meet the elf that grants so many wishes for children. Ford loves to make children smile by granting their wishes on Christmas day. And Santa relies on Ford for many of the toys that fill his bag. Particularly if they have wheels!


Ford is available now, just click here.


The Faces of Krampus

Krampus Cover

Is he a monster? Is he an ogre? Or is he just a simple enforcer for St. Nicholas?

The answer is yes. Well sort of...he is a chimney sweep. Beaten and scourged himself, he was trying to squeeze out a living for him and his mother. That was when he ran into Santa Claus, and Santa had a problem of his own.

He was looking for someone like Peter, who had the ability and talent to immediately know who was good, and who was not. And he needed Peter to leave a message to all those naughty kids, and to punish the really bad ones in a more severe manner.

How the many faces of Krampus, Black Peter, Pelznickel and the like came to be is the result of Peter accepting this new role as Santa's enforcer, and the travels he has with the most famous gift-giver in the world.

And they had it all working. That is, until the devil, himself, got involved!


Krampus is available now, just click here