The North Pole Press


Welcome to the first in a series of DVD's that will enhance the Santa's Elf Series of books. This DVD contains the books: Santa's World, Shelley Wrapitup, and Jamie Hardrock.

Each DVD stars Santa and Mrs. Claus reading three of the books to your children and will also present special “secrets” and insights into the lives of Santa, Mrs. Claus, our elves, reindeer and other creatures that surround and live at Santa's workshop.

Santa's Elf Series is a series of children's books that teach children how important each elf is in helping Santa and Mrs. Claus achieve their many tasks. In addition to learning about the elves and their responsibilities, there is a message following each story about what it takes to get and stay, on Santa's Nice List. Each story features a different message about a behaviour that Santa monitors.

Your child will enjoy learning about the different elves and what they do. And because each story is in rhyme, they will learn new words and increase their vocabulary quickly. The stories are written and illustrated for children from three to seven, and make excellent “time for bed” videos.

DVD $10.00