The North Pole Press

Happy May! Wow time sure moves swiftly, sometimes I wish I could just stop time for just a little while. Do you ever feel that way?

     As you can see Joe and I completely revitalized our website. I hope you like all the changes we made. I think it is easier to navigate and of course, showcase our books.

     We attended the Farragut, TN Children's Book Festival last month, and we had a great time. Here are some photos:

Mary and Joe Farragut     Joe Farragut Festival April 2

     I have been very busy working on our 5th Santa's Elf Series book...Sarah Button, Master Doll Maker. Sarah is responsible for making all the dolls and stuffed animals in the North Pole. Our release target date is the end of this month.

Here is a sneak peak at her working cover.

New Small Sarah Cover


     Joe is so excited as he just finished his 5th novel, “The Many Faces of Krampus.” He just sent it out to his editor. This novel is geared more for young adults, but we are sure that any one that enjoys reading Christmas stories will not want to miss this one. Here is the synopsis:

     “The Many Faces of Krampus”

Is he a monster? Is he an ogre? Or is he just a simple enforcer for St. Nicholas?

The answer is yes. Well sort of...he is a chimney sweep. Beaten and scourged himself, he was trying to squeeze out a living for him and his mother. That was when he ran into Santa Claus, and Santa had a problem of his own.

He was looking for someone like Peter, who had the ability and talent to immediately know who was good, and who was not. And he needed Peter to leave a message to all those naughty kids, and to punish the really bad ones in a more severe manner.

How the many faces of Krampus, Black Peter, Pelznickel and the like came to be is the result of Peter accepting this new role as Santa's enforcer, and the travels he has with the most famous gift-giver in the world.

And they had it all working. That is, until the devil, himself, got involved!

Our target date for release is July 30.

     We have a big event planned this month, we will be at the Gaithersburg Book Festival in Gaithersburg, MD on Saturday May 20th. The event begins at 10:00 am and ends at 6:00 pm. If you are in the area please stop by for a visit. We will be in the children's section.

     After the show, we plan on visiting Gettysburg for my birthday. Should be fun and I will include some photos of our getaway.

     Till next time......