Our Own TV Show???

As we say on our website's front page, 2020 is a year of changes! But who could have guessed the kind of changes we would witness this year, certainly not me. Like almost everyone this year, Joe and I had to re-think all of our plans. Normally, in the beginning of the year we are both working on our books...Joe writing and me illustrating. But before we could even get started the Covid 19 pandemic hit and turned all our lives upside down.

So I thought I would share with you how we came about to have a weekly TV show. I can assure you this was certainly not on our radar. After everyone was “staying at home” we started to see more and more comments on Facebook about parents trying to teach and entertain their children. Joe and I wanted to try and help parents, and to reassure children, that they would be OK.

Possibly a good idea, but how to implement it? We started to talk about doing a live video from our house on Facebook, as so many others were doing. I mean how hard could that be? CartoonImage

So we put together a live video...and it was awful. I mean terrible - both the sound and the video. Well, what to do now? Last year, we had the good fortune to be interviewed on this new digital TV channel out of Pigeon Forge, TN. So we reached out to Mountain Fun Life and pitched them the idea of “Story Time with Santa and Mrs Claus.” Thankfully, the owner liked the idea and gave us the opportunity to come in and do a pilot. (Want to see our 1st Episode? Click Here)


  And so began our new TV career! At last, we had the opportunity to reach out to more parents than we ever could. Joe and I would now be able to reassure kids and help give parents a bit of a break on entertaining their children. Something for children to look forward to. The premise of our ½ hour show was the following: Joe or I would read a book, then we found educational and entertaining links on the web suitable to share with children, we also put together games kids could play at home, and I made goodies which the kids could also do at home with Mom and Dad.


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Well that was almost 3 months ago. This next Tuesday will be our 12th episode. We have slowly but surely been building our fan base. In fact, we now have added interviews with some astounding people. I hope you catch some of our episodes. Remember, we are on Mountain Fun Life on Facebook Live every Tuesday morning at 10:00 am EST.