2020 Tossed in a Salad

We suppose with everything being so crazy in so many ways during 2020, that our lives being tossed like a salad from an overzealous chef shouldn't have been a surprise. We certainly cannot complain (as so many people can) at the result, so far. Our hearts go out to so many who are suffering in a variety of misfortunes be it economically, physically, socially, etc., and we feel extraordinarily blessed at our good fortune and improving health.

On New Years Eve of 2019, if you had told us we would need to put our books aside and become TV personalities instead, we would have asked you to share your drugs, as they are really good ones. But with the closure of opportunities to bookstores, art & craft shows, and most other public venues, we were forced to reinvent ourselves once more (and in our late sixties no less)!

Thanks to Mountain Fun Life, we have a new purpose in our lives, and are enjoying every minute of it. The show has evolved and changed since our first broadcast on March 24th of this year, and we expect more changes and additions going forward. For instance, we are being asked to do more live “on location” shows, and are learning how to approach these from our producer and the studio chief. These should be interesting, particularly in the beginning, but then again, we had never done a LIVE broadcast before March, either.

Our audience is growing, albeit modestly. We hope you will share a particular episode, or our show site, with your friends and family, so we can expand participation and viewership for the show. We have had some GREAT guests already, and are lining up several more. I mean, come on, we have had Elvis Presley and Red Skelton to name just a couple, how many other shows can say that?

For those who love our books, take heart, we are not finished. We actually have a couple still in the works, and more planned beyond that. But 2020 just does not seem to be the year to bring forth anything new, so we are “on sabbatical.” So, for now, we are having fun - mountain fun - at our new Mountain Fun Life.

Come join us there!

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