2020 – The Year Of Change

Just as with everyone else, we have been seriously affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Thankfully, we can say that we are healthy and are taking every reasonable precaution to stay that way.

We have had to adjust the way we do business and to change most of the plans we scheduled and anticipated from January. Most of the events we planned have either been canceled or might be, so we have refocused our energies and are taking a new direction.

You may have seen (or heard) part of these new directions on our TV show and Podcast on Mountain Fun Life. We are enjoying our roles with Story Time with Santa and Mrs. Claus during our TV program which airs live on Facebook and Roku each Tuesday morning [10:00 am EST].

We completely change hats after our TV show with our podcast, "The Publishers Page," where we talk about our fascinating book industry and try and give advice and discuss our own real-life experiences in the publishing industry for others writing, or thinking of writing, their own manuscripts.

We will be putting more emphasis on these programs and we are working closely with Mountain Fun Life in expanding our role with their vibrant and exciting growth in East Tennessee and beyond. Part of their involvement includes helping us develop a line of Video Books of our children's series, Santa's Elf Series© and our popular Christmas story, The Christmas Eve Journey. These products will be available shortly.

Lastly, but certainly not least, we have an easy and exciting new bookstore on our website and will be offering multiple specials and exciting deals and introductions including the new video books, so you need to check these out. And remember, this may be one of the very few places to secure an autographed copy of our works from us!