The North Pole Press


Wow what a year!!!! 

     Okay, so here are some bragging rights for the year 2018. We accomplished more in this year than we did in the previous six years, COMBINED. It is going to be hard to list everything that happened in 2018, but here goes:
     Our books now sell in three of the top six companies in America! Including the number one corporation, Apple. Add Microsoft and Walmart, and you can see the opportunities before us. Oh, and of course we are available through Amazon, Google, and over 150 other companies worldwide.
     Speaking of worldwide, people can get our books in every continent (except Antarctica) and most countries around the globe. Through Global Connect by Ingram, we are continuously adding new retailers, both digitally and in print everywhere English language books are sold.
     Also for 2018, we were able to convert every title of our novels and children's books into hardcover editions. This has helped us in getting into libraries and into hands of readers who prefer hardcover over paperback. It was a significant effort, but we are excited to be able to offer our titles in digital, softcover and hardback. Next? Audio, of course, but that's for 2019.
     We attended nearly a dozen shows in many states in 2018 from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina to Richmond, Virginia and throughout Tennessee and North Carolina. We expanded our fan base tremendously and added quite a number of people to our mailing list, which is becoming quite extensive.
     We opened a new bookstore on our website and can now sell bestselling books like “A Christmas Carol” and “The Polar Express” right alongside our Santa's Elf Series or Santa Claus Trilogy. If you haven't visited our Bookstore Page, you are in for a major surprise.
     Two of our books received Finalist Award Honors from American Fiction Awards. These were “The Faces of Krampus” for Holiday Fiction and “Ford MacHarley” for Children's Fiction (Ages 3-6). Two thousand eighteen was the first year we received this honor, and of course, we are thrilled.
     Last but certainly not least, North Pole Press was honored to be elected to the Advisory Board for Ingram Content Group. Ingram solicits our opinions and ideas about new products and services they are contemplating for their publishers. We are also asked to beta test any new products before rolling it out to all their publishers. Being an Advisory Board Member is indeed an honor for us and one we take quite seriously. It is exciting to be the first to see the changes and innovations Ingram is looking to implement in the marketplace.

     And now on to 2019. We will tell you what those plans and objectives are soon. For now, we want to breathe in the successes of 2018, and dream a little of the opportunities that lay before us. We wish everyone a Happy New Year and wish you great success.